The territory of Québec and the Maritimes is crisscrossed by numerous watercourses, which are subject to increased surveillance when it comes to flooding and erosion risks. Our team is regularly called upon to collect data and gauge these watercourses.

Port infrastructure

Whether for rehabilitation or follow-up, port infrastructure managers regularly request our services for the production of orthoimages and photographs using a drone, point clouds, property location certificates, etc.

Cadastral renovation

In the mid-2000s, our team was awarded several mandates to ensure the cadastral renovation of the region.

Wind power industry

The growth of the wind power industry in Québec has allowed Géoterram to stand out in this field of expertise by conducting the surveying work for a dozen wind farms (Office of the Surveyor-General of Quebec, site layouts, as-built surveys, etc.).

Canada Lands Surveys

In collaboration with Pagé-Leclair, a firm of land surveyors, Géoterram surveys lands under federal jurisdiction (Aboriginal communities, Parks Canada properties, etc.).